To assist in necessary care of children and young persons suffering from selective crippling or disabling conditions, whether caused at birth, by disease or by accident. To assist in relieving the suffering and distress among crippled children by providing for medical treatment and/or operations.

To help promote methods for alleviating such suffering and distress, including residential care in an institution or home.

To provide corrective devices or prostheses, machines, equipment and other materials necessary to help each child.

To undertake research into such selective crippling or disabling conditions and into methods of alleviating suffering arising therefrom.

To hold clinics and symposiums and train personnel in the care, attention, and treatment of Bahamian children and young adults.

To assist in any related expenses in connection with the above, and especially in providing airfares for children and their parents when treatment is required in the USA or other countries at Shriners or other hospitals which the PCCC generally arranges free of charge. A per diem allowance is also granted to parents and caregivers to assist with hotel expenses during the treatment period. Over the years dozens of patients have benefited from such free treatment overseas when suitable treatment was not available in the Bahamas.