The Changing Face of Disability

Aware that the saying: "Prevention is better than cure" applies just as much to childrens' crippling conditions as to other ailments, the Physically Challenged Children's Committee, besides supplying prostheses, corrective devices and wheel-chairs now also supports the prevention of conditions that might lead to disabilities.

In the 1980s and 90s the PCCC donated modern equipment and furnishings to the Special Care Baby Unit and the Children's' Ward of the PMH. Other donations include: a bus to Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre; a bus to the Council for Disabilities-Grand Bahama; and a specially-designed bus for the Bahamas Association for the Physically-Disabled. These newer efforts are geared to an improved quality of life for physically-challenged children.

With the advancement in technology and greater specialized healthcare from more prepared health professionals, earlier diagnoses are being made. Parents and families are now more knowledgeable about options that are available locally and abroad.

The Physically Challenged Children's Committee remains ready to assist, within its capability, those patients deemed eligible and deserving by the medical and social professionals of the Committee.